Our Mission

Unleashing potential and unlocking doors in the creative industries

We know all young people have untapped skills and talents, and those from lower income backgrounds face multiple barriers. We develop relationships and provide support to the creative industries, enabling them to unlock their doors.

What we Do

Supporting the next generation

Small Green Shoots is a new type of apprenticeship, we are not about jobs we are about careers. We invest more in you from the outset, offering an alternative to the conventional system for education, training, and entry into the jobs market.

We create pathways for disadvantaged young people, giving them access to the music and creative industries through our paid training programmes and secondment programmes with our industry partners.

How We Do It

Levelling the playing field across the industry

We help you gain access to the entertainment and creative industries through our paid training programmes and secondment partnerships. This ensures long-term stable careers for years as opposed to short-term, low-earning and unsustainable intern contracts.

Why We Do IT

Because we believe in you and your future

We believe all young people have the right to achieve their dreams. We value our young people and this is why we are youth-led. They shape the organisation and develop the programmes.

How you can Help

Get involved and support us today!

To continue the work we do, we rely on the support of our funders and donations from our partner organisations who recognise our commitment to driving change across the industry.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of emerging adults?

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