Analogue to Digital

About the project

An intergenerational documentary on not only the history but impact UK pirate radios have had on the new generation of online radio makers.  

From pirate stations such as Kiss FM, to the first legal black owned station Choice FM, to DAB stations like Reprezent, this documentary follows the legacy and transition from analogue to digital “pirate” radios.

The exhibition launch event gives us a chance to bring audiences into a well crafted immersive space.

Opening them up to the world of pirate radio, guests will be welcomed with open arms as we take them through the history of pirate radio and the journey it took from analogue to digital. Not one to be missed!

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A 24-Hour Radio Show created by our Young Shoots and Sharps.

Featuring a variety of various genres for whatever mood you are in from KPop to UK Rap. The show also features shows from No Signal Radio, Rinse Fm and BMC Radio and more.

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