Zeo x Eyez | Liars – Review


Zeo x Eyez | liars (11 Nov) dropped on SBTV and we are all wondering why this banger has not reached over a 100 thousand views at least. It seems like the music scene, being so “trap music” dominant, do not seem to care about other forms of music. It really looks like Trap music is the sound of the future, but lets not count this song out yet.

The music that comes from this sound is something that we have not heard in a long while. The Asian influenced bouncy beat produced by Zeo allows Zeo and Eyez to flow superbly with their lyrics about people who aren’t true to themselves. The video directed by Kyle Shox Brown enhances the Japanese style theme. The quality of the video really does look like it was produced by a huge record label. The video is filled with props, from 1980s cars, abandoned warehouses, classy furniture but still keeps its modern identity. It somehow all works and fits together…truly unique and amazing 

Zeo and Eyez prove that Midlands Grime is definitely on the map with this new tune.

Click here to view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4_jZYyMflA