Platinum-selling Swedish singer Zara Larsson has dropped her highly anticipated album ‘Poster Girl’. The album covers different emotions and feelings, today I will be covering our Music Monday song entitled Need Someone.

As the piano starts you get the feeling that the song may be a slow ballad with powerful vocals, but then the tambourine comes in and gives it more of an upbeat vibe. Then as she starts the vocals a bass guitar enters and gives the song a slight touch of chill indie vibes.

There is an oxymoron of emotions that Zara describes throughout the song, how she is happy being single and that she doesn’t need someone she’s content with her own company. However, there’s a mysterious someone who she wants. She describes them looking so good in the sun and that she can never look away. So as much she is happy this certain someone is on her mind and some may imply that the song is a call out for love from that person.

The vibes of the song are quite chill with and pop indie edge. It’s a song you could see yourself jamming to driving towards sunset on a cool summer evening with the windows down.

Zara Larsson’s Album Poster Girl is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all other digital streaming platforms.