Wiz 36ix is a multi-genre artist from North London. He ranges from R&B, Trap, Hip Hop, and much more. He has a unique sound which makes his Rap and Trap music much different from others. His most recent release “Winter” Is already on 140k views on You-tube and 23,000 streams on Spotify.

Winter is a catchy song where you can really hear Wiz 36ix’s versatile sound. The song is not only catchy but has a laid beat with a cool modern day RnB vibe. Wiz 36ix and his team did a superb job of matching the visuals with the song. This song  is not one to be overlooked as Wiz 36ix doesn’t compromise his authenticity in his music. This song has been played on Capital 1 Xtra and BBC Asia and has also been playlisted on Apple music.

Winter is available to stream on all platforms