WildLife Festival 2016!!

image2image1  Probably the best festival line up of the season, but     the arrival put us all on a downer. Queue for bus    tickets for 20 minutes  in some miscellaneous park a   couple miles OUT of Brighton, then queue for the       actual buses for 40 mins, then everyone who had          been drinking while queuing starts feeling travel        sick. Arrived to another huge entrance queue and        girls pee-ing in the car park the toilet queue was so    long…-nice. Eventually found VIP and another      queue. – Crazy.  Arrived very fed up to a lot of other      very fed up VIPs naming it the Queuing festival…..

Still the festival itself was a good look!  Effort had clearly gone into sets the Koppaberg and the Supersonic stage taking the biscuit for me. Rodigan warmed everyone up nicely on main stage, as he never fails to do. Annie Mac was reliably “standout” and Disclosure justified being the star attraction. The Warehouse Project stage was consistently good in the evening… but it was T Williams that played the stand out set of the day for me, We left early to avoid last years chaos and more queuing. A good day all in all, but after initial disorganisation putting us on such a come down, we are all spending our money elsewhere next year.