Why are nightclubs suffering?

Why are nightclubs suffering? Clubbing is the nightlife and can be the best night of your life, so why are they closing down? Nightclubs have nearly halved in the last decade, going from 3144 clubs in London to a shocking 1733! DJ’s are struggling to find work and people are losing their jobs. Are nightclubs just becoming less popular or is there more to it?


Clubs have been halved in the last decade but festivals have doubled! People are becoming more interested in going to festivals and enjoying the sun. More and more people aren’t spending over £100 at nightclubs because they are spending their time saving up to go to festivals during the summer. People have said they prefer festivals to clubbing because there is “more space to move”, and “nice weather at festivals”. Not to mention bars are now staying open later than they used to, so people would rather drink in the bar than leave and go to a club.

Also could nightclubs be closing down due to the fact you can get music online now? People go online to buy all the latest music, then stay at home and drink with their friends, and party in other ways rather than going out clubbing.


Some nightclubs have been forced to close down due to a combination of ever-tougher license condition and spiralling security costs. Another reason could be because of the homes being built around the once isolated nightclub.

The amount of crime and the misuse of drugs that accrue at clubs is appalling, people have been put into hospital from clubs because of bad drugs such as MDMA and powder cocaine. They have also been seriously injured, due to brawls, fights and arguments inside and outside London nightclubs.


People use nightclubs to dance, socialise and escape reality, is there is something we can do to stop night clubs from closing down? Or are festivals taking over and are nightclubs just doomed to no longer exist?