As our vegetarian week comes to an end, it has been more than an eye-opening experience for us all.

On Monday we began a vegetarian diet. The shoots and staff were not allowed to eat meat. The first day was easy, everyone was excited, sending in pictures of their meals and experimenting new recipes. But as the week went on it became harder as the late nights and lack of prep time kicked in. Takeaways are much harder to get when you’re vegetarian. I often found myself turning to sweet potato fries as a safe option. But admittedly, I found myself more active and I was waking up earlier, yes I was hungrier and I had to squeeze more meals in over the day but it was a great experience nevertheless.
We will be moving on into a new challenge soon! Tracking the steps we take in a day and seeing how much physical activity we do. Make sure to stay updated with our activities over the week via our social media!
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