Unknown T’s latest release out now

British rapper Unknown T is arguably one of the UK’s most distinctive drill artists. Following the success of his debut track “Homerton B”, he has released 2 albums both ranked top 40 in the UK, with his first mixtape peaking at 14th on the UK charts. His success has far from decelerated, with his new single “Tugman Vacation”, amassing over 600,000 views on youtube within one month of its release. 

The lyricism on the track is full of self reflection, with T reassessing past experiences with love, but most importantly presenting a yearning for romance that is a few miles away. His run-ins with the law impacting romance are a core theme in this track, and are presented literally in his music video. The cinematic video contrasts T in a cold blue prison cell writing letters and speaking on the phone to his girl, appearing in a golden vibrant setting. 

This single has been a fan favorite since the album release of ‘Adolescence’, and eager fans are happy to finally see the official video release of the single.

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Check out the new video here: