University Struggles

– Adaora


Early this year, COVID 19 was announced a series epidemic and schools across the United Kingdom and Ireland were closed, and classes were moved to a digital format with all tests cancelled. The government announced the criteria for a modelling system using previous exam results and ranking order to mark students, with the option to retake tests if not happy with results once it was safe.

But with the results announced last week, there was a level of outrage and frustration amongst students who studied hard only for more than a third of A-level results in England to be downgraded and student’s being rejected from their dream universities for something completely out of their control.

As someone around the same age of everyone receiving their results it’s easy to feel like life is completely over and a major set back to all hopes in already daunting career aspects. This situation really highlighted the inequalities in the UK schooling system with a quarter of public-school applications being downgraded, but only 10% of private school candidates. The model has penalised disadvantaged groups who may not be able to afford the £150 appeal – but has since been announced to be reimbursed by the government.  Opportunities to good schooling are often exclusive to people who can afford private schooling and it feels like you are pre-selected for failure based on your post code and stacked against them.

But we at Small Green Shoots stand with the students who may have missed out on a place in their preferred university and be sure to keep updated on all of your options and good luck.