Uni vs Work… what’s right for you?

Finishing college and deciding what to do next isn’t as easy as it seems. With the many different options and routes that we have now, it can be quite tricky understanding what’s best for you in terms of happiness and progression.

University, apprenticeships, work placements, internships – there’s so much to choose from, but what’s to say we can’t do a little bit of everything? Speaking from experience, stepping into the “real” working world teaches you invaluable skills and life lessons that I don’t think you’ll get anywhere else.

Deciding not to go straight into Higher Education straight after I completed my A-Levels is the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s given me time to experiment, to try out different work and to discover what I do and don’t like doing. 2 years ago, I decided that if I went to University, I would study Music Industry Management. Working in a consultancy which dips into the realms of Music, I’ve realised that it isn’t quite my cup of tea.  I now know that I have a keen interest in the social sciences, patterns and trends amongst young people, mixed with a love for media, and of course a love for learning, and this is what pushed me to get a place at Goldsmiths, College of London for Media and Sociology BA (Hons) for a fresh start in September ‘16.

What I believe is really important, is maintaining a fair amount of balance and variety. Anyone that studies at University can vouch for the fact that Higher Education is no walk in the park. It can be stressful putting all your time and energy into one thing. I think working at the same time as studying might just be the key to commitment and retention!