Trump Vs Clinton – The compilation Album

The election is finally here! Today is the day that will decide the fate of the USA! With Hillary Clinton looking to have only a 4% advantage over Donald Trump, according to BBC “Poll Tracker”, we give to you our very own album compilation…enjoy.

Album Title: Trump: that’s what I call stupid! 816

Track 1 – Trump ft Clinton: Time of my life (Song parody)

Track 2 – Trump (Stitches Parody) – Rucka Rucka Ali

Track 3 –  Death Cab for cutie: “Million Dollar Loan”


Album Title: Hillary: Police Can’t touch this!

Track 1 – Fight Song: Rachel Plattern

Track 2 – Roar: Katy Perry

Track 3 – Come To Mama: Lady Gaga

Track 4 – Maroon 5- Sugar (Parody) “The Hillary Song”

Track 5 – Katy Perry: Rise

Track 6 – Hillary Clinton lie song (parody)

Track 7 – Beyonce: Formation

Track 8 – Jay Z: Made in America

Track 9 – J.Cole: A tale of 2 cities

Trump isn’t going to have many songs on this compilation as he wouldn’t get the clearance however, looking at the titles, it does seem like if these albums were to be released, they would be a smash hit in the US.

For now, all we can say is, GOD SAVE AMERICA!