Troubles of a ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’

In this day and age artists are constantly in the public eye and once one song seems like it’s exiting the top 20 charts they have another track to replace it. As rapper 50 Cent was quoted as saying, “As long as you stay current with things that are in front of you to sustain your relevance, you can just be there and people see you.”

“The visibility will make you matter, versus when you go away now, you gotta re-excite me completely.”

Chris Brown decided to top that. He started working on the album during 2015 before the albums 45-track release on October 31st of this year, amassing a hefty two hours and 40 minutes.

The artist calls ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ a depiction of what his soul wants to say. That each record gives a vibe and nostalgia or a sense of individuality whilst what I got was the complete opposite. The work lacks individuality, memorability & is simply the definition of quantity & not quality.

The only reason someone would create this large mass of an album is solely for the purpose of cumulative streams for strong album chart placement, which he definitely did achieve as reflected in his (over) 1 billion streams from songs off the album alone. The album achieved an impressive Gold certification within the 1st week of release.

However, the best tracks on the album are arguably the singles that were already released. These are the ones which stand out amongst the seemingly filler-space songs with vague storylines.