‘Never be a Right Time’ by Tom Grennan, arrived last week, and the heartfelt, feel-good ballad provides the perfect soundtrack for the summer. Simple chord structures and feel-good songwriting provides a catchy song with heartfelt lyrics that sticks in your head endlessly and adds to Grennan’s already rich portfolio of easy listening pop music.

Tom Grennan’s song, like many of his others, follows the narrative of heartbreak and the impending doom of a break-up but comes at a time where impending doom is no longer on the mind of the public, and Grennan may well benefit from this. It’s easy to imagine ‘Never be a Right Time’ being played at various outdoor venues and nights out during the period of post lockdown bliss we are all so excited for, and since the melancholic lyrics are so drastically opposite to the upbeat track, there could be the perfect time for a track that names would suggest otherwise.

This release adds a sense of growth to Grennan as an artist, and will surely be making the public and his peers in the industry raise eyebrows, perhaps even placing him in the sphere of exciting artists that managed to keep their productivity going over the last year.

It seems Tom hasn’t changed his tune since other emotional ballads about heartbreak such as ‘This is The Place’, or ‘Little Bit of Love’, but I guess if the formula is working, why change it? Despite the song’s name, it seems the summer will be the perfect time for Grennan’s track… Let’s just hope he can finally get over his heartbreak, as long as the tunes keep coming!

The track is available to stream on all music platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.