Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe Nwigwe is a first generation Nigerian American Rapper/Singer based in Houston Texas. This artist uses his platform to spread inspirational and meaningful messages through his music. His main recognisable feature is his smooth deep tone with an agile rhythmic flow. Starting out early in the game he began receiving attention from his released first singles in 2014 “Been Grinding” and “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”.

Some of my favourite bars from Been Griinding must be:

“Tryna put my partners on have ‘em shinin’”, “I hold it down where I’m from” and “Boy this all for my dawgs that’s gone, I know you’re smillin’”.

The theme of rising up speaks volumes with such a deep-rooted theme of community not just letting you thrive but to help others around you. What a generation foundation of symbolism to build up which can resonate with so many young people who may not have had the opportunity to make it in life so we carry the torch for them in ours and others successes.

His main new current releases include the songs: “Destruction” “Round Here” and “Been broke my whole life.” If you love a rapper/singer with a lot to say in his relatable lyricisms I would highly recommend you check him out for his celebrational, dynamic and dancey flows that make you want to celebrate nostalgic memories and catch a vibe.

Listen to his latest release here: