Tion Wayne – Lavish Living Ft B Anca Review

Tion Wayne has come a long way from his Edmonton Hood videos 6 years ago, he has matured and invented himself as a respectable artist and this is shown in his new music video Lavish Living (Dec 4) featuring B Anca.

At first sight, the visuals look like a 1990’s hip hop video , somewhat similar to a Biggie Smalls music video. The Rolls-Royce cars, the gold watches and diamond chains all demonstrates the success that Tion Wayne has wielded during the course of his career.

The song is really chilled – something that we are missing from the rap scene – and B Anca really compliments Tion Wayne’s style of rap, which is a slow yet effective melody with simple rhyme patterns that deliver some of the best punchlines in the rap game.

Tion Wayne is definitely one to watch for. Representing Edmonton, we may be talking about him in the future as a living legend.