Theresa May – ‘Liar Liar’ song reaches No1 on ITunes UK charts. 

Captain SKA burst onto the music scene in 2010. They released their first version of Liar Liar which got to no 1 in the UK Reggae Chart. They are a band with a with a strong protest message. Captain SKA has a new track that carries a severe political message that might affect the votes towards conservative.

‘Liar Liar’ directly criticizes the Prime Minister Theresa May and the ruling Conservative party. It highlights the current crunch and cuts to Education, social care and the National Health Services (NHS). 


The lyrics of the song includes pieces from some of May’s speeches and interviews claiming that she wouldn’t call a general election attacking the Prime Minsters record in office.

Opening Verse:

  • “We all know politicians like telling lies. Big ones, little ones, porky pies. Saying they’re strong, and stable, won’t disguise.
    We’re still being taken for a ride,”
  • “she’s a Liar, Liar…you can’t trust her, no no no no”
  • “when there’s nurses going hungry and schools in decline I don’t recognize this broken country of mine”.

This song has received over 1 million views on YouTube in just 5 days. It is continually receiving support via downloads and streaming from iTunes. However, famous UK radio stations including Capital FM and Heart have rejected playing it on air as they feel that it may influence the upcoming 2017 elections.

This song is being advocated by The People’s Assembly Against Austerity, who is encouraging the public to protest about the track not being played on the radio like every other song on the charts.

All proceeds from the song between 26th May till 8th of June will be distributed between food banks all around the UK and The People’s Assembly Against Austerity. Despite the fact that other news outlets have contacted radio stations requesting for comments about not airing the song. None has been given so far.



Should Captain Ska – Liar Lair be played on radio stations?! 
Head over to our Twitter to vote in our poll! 

Should Captain Ska – Liar Lair be played on radio stations?! 
Head over to our Twitter to vote in our poll!