The struggle of gaining work experience in organisations

A universal experience that everyone can relate to is the struggle of getting a good job in London even with experience, so imagine the pains of wanting to apply to jobs that want 5+ years of experience when you have close to none!


Most organisations only tend to take on interns (good luck if you want it paid!), work experience or if the person is in education and needs the experience for their course. Secondments are provided from other closely affiliated organisation, though the ugly truth is that creative industries are a breeding ground for nepotism. This then puts the majority of people without those advantages are searching for experience in the dark.


Now, with the new UK law that unpaid internships will be illegal, this may only put a larger dent in the accessibility of gaining experience, primarily in smaller companies that simply do not have the funds to pay minimum wage for interns.


Today we had an office discussion on this topic and we feel it is a shame that small organisations will find it hard to take on interns as they tend to provide the best experience and provide a different outlook. They need the assistance therefore the intern will be put to great use and great start to their career to develop leadership, team-working, time management and organisational skills.

They will come away with more skills than they would in a large organisation that’s demanding photocopies, mail-outs and skinny iced caramel macchiato’s from Starbucks, their contribution will be highly valued in a smaller organisation where a spare pair of hands can undertake tasks no-one else has time for.