The Nova Twins at Birthdays

11997075_1065048896846515_271838164_nOn Wednesday I went to see the Nova Twins at Birthdays in Dalston, and they were great!

The venue was really nice with an intimate feel and a with it’s dim lighting. The venue was quite packed which was a surprise as they aren’t that well known yet.

The Nova Twins introduced their own interesting Grunge Rock sound to us. They were also really good at getting the crowd excited with their excellent stage presence .

Dolores Haze and Actor opened for them and were both really good with their indie/rock sound. The night was a part of the Finding Female Headliners initiative, which tries to promote upcoming female artists; and they couldn’t have chosen three better acts.

Overall, a really great night ending with my personal favourite, the Nova Twins. (You can see me pictured with them above).