The Music Industry; Breaking the Mold

Once you develop a fan base around a certain profession or genre it is exceptionally hard to break that mold however it can be done especially when we look at internet stars like KSI who is a great example of not being tied down to one label.

KSI has bounced between various professions regardless of the backlash he received from fans and the media. Starting of as just a Youtuber he began to proceed to take up boxing where he continued to be successful and more recently he has released an album called dissimulation which was able to reach second in the charts again proving people wrong and showing its okay to try new things.

Artists are often incredibly afraid of adapting there sound once they have a couple successful songs causing them to stay stagnate not allowing them to develop as a music artist. This is a major problem in the music industry for artists as staying on top of what’s trending currently as if they do not adapt the music they release they are limiting themselves.

Top artists all over the world have different variants of music. Artists like Drake and Ed Sheeran are constantly making music that have different sounds which helps them grow their audience to the size it is now and is a huge factor to their success. Examples of this when looking at Ed Sheeran is his song “Perfect” which is a slow beautiful song that would go well at a wedding and on the other hand he has a song called ‘South of the Border’ which is definitely more of a song to vibe to.

Breaking the mold has now become a necessity in this industry as artists are constantly at risk of losing their relevancy. They can no longer be afraid of the backlash and cannot play it safe if they wish to reach new heights.