The Legend of Mike Smith – Review

Whatever concept or idea you had about the production of ‘The Legend of Mike Smith’ prepare to have it turned on its head.

The stage performance was written by Soweto Kinch who also stars in the piece as one of the characters, rap narration & plays the saxophone. Directed by Jonzi D & the choreography was created by Ivan Blackstock.

Soweto was joined on the stage by Ricardo Da Silva, who mainly played Mike Smith & Tyrone Isaac-Stuart as another side of the star. They gave a provocative & high energy performance from the rapping & brass talents from Tyrone to the humorous charismas of Ricardo.

The story was inspired by the seven deadly sins & Dante’s inferno, in which an aspiring MC, the titular character of Mike Smith is caught up in the world of temptations seemingly fighting against him once he receives a call from a record company.

The music isn’t what some would call ‘pure jazz’ and thus doesn’t alienate the audience especially those who’ve never really listened to jazz, such as myself. With song such as ‘When will I be getting mine’ formed from the personification of the deadly sin of ‘envy’ & the hilarious production of ‘lust’ with ‘Who’s your daddy’.

The contemporary jazz score seamlessly wove through the story & was able to portray the skewed perception of Mike’s reality he was caught up in.

The product was a different take on the story of modern day morality within the industry & was able to get it’s point across without loss of enjoyment from the audience & is greatly recommended to check out.