The Events Industry Needs YOU!

Bigga Fish has been running for 15 years with young people being at the heart of the organisation. CEO Nii Sackey provides education in events management and marketing for 14-25 year olds nationwide. After being lucky enough to work on their largest event ever, UFEST LDN, we were able to see the hard work, dedication, unity and determination the Bigga Fish family have. The control Nii also gave us showed the amount of trust he has in us as his team which makes Bigga Fish all the more youth-led and focused.

Being a part of the team for the UFEST event taught us the importance of time-management, confidence and communication, trusting others and how to think efficiently on the spot to solve problems. All in all, working in the events industry teaches you well rounded life-skills relevant for all job roles.

How do you get into the industry you may be wondering? Well, many event companies appreciate the help of volunteers. How would I get in touch with these companies? Take the time out to research the companies and send them an email expressing why you think you’ll be useful, or be active with events on social media. Follow event companies and try to meet up with them, go to an event or message them.CWQgdi1WoAAIenz