Tate Modern x Rinse fm

This Sunday, I visited the modern art gallery in London, Tate Modern to check out their exhibit collaboration with multidisciplinary artist, Papadopoulos who had creation installation / performance space in real time throughout the event, made interactive for the audience to participate. Then half way through the event Rinse fm, a centre of a vast musical community & Barbican Guildhall hosted an open discussion panel reflecting the theme of access, sharing art & how it has changed over the years, with the audience encouraged to enter the discussion with their own thoughts & opinions.


When I first entered the Tate Exchange space, where the event was hosted, you immediately step into comfortable space with people sitting around & amongst the art instillations & talking amongst themselves. Bright pink sheets with graphic prints sprawled across them & holes poked through them, of which a saw a child trying to crawl through hang throughout the space, with no description for the art or the artist in sight. But there was matching bright pink forms with hearts dripping between it & sequins across the floor.    DSC_4500

Off to the side was the discussion with Rinse & the Barbican where they were in the middle of a discussion about the different forms of art they are able to be involved with and how they wanted a showcase to be, the Rinse group in particular, found their group are really politically minded and found interactive performances, that  they are able to interact with, that you can touch and feel ‘it has a purpose, and it says something about maybe our political climate and how that is effecting us…and that’s really interesting as young people being apathetic to what’s going on at the moment and we were talking a lot about how we could put on an exhibition that was really interested in that.’ But also the difficulties & limitations in doing that properly to make a difference.


They made sure to highlight the word apathetic, how teenagers are often described as apathetic though made note how when they are involved in something they are passionate about, with the latest march being used as an example, & able to do so without the usual limitations of only being able to use a certain space for a certain amount of limited time, they are able to thrive and the most with what they are given.

Also discussed was the difference in the creative industries years ago to now, how now given how competitive the creative industries there are hardly any jobs, especially for those without the experience but years ago the jobs we have now weren’t talked about or known for those wanting to get into the industry besides artists & jobs at museums or galleries.


Someone in the audience also made a point of asking whether to creative arts ever had or current has a platform that showcases art or as a way for people to discuss arts amongst themselves. But with the online community it seems they just send an overload of their pieces to everywhere, either their own website or tumblr, twitter & instagram. With those platforms, you just have to put yourself up there but instagram is the main form of showing off their art & gaining followers from a wide range of viewers.

As the discussion ended there was a table of drawings from artist, Papadopoulos that allowed everyone to get stick on tattoos on their body, in her style, some in colour. The exhibition was a great space for young people & the disussion talked about a lot of interesting things about the creative industry, especially for young people just stepping into it or interested in getting into it, and a worth the time.