Swindles new single “LOST” was released on the 30th of June and has already received such amazing feedback with over 9,000 views on YouTube.

“LOST” is Swindles first release since his 2019 album “No More Normal”.  Swindle is known for producing grime, garage and dubstep, still keeping true to soul and funk roots which is evident in his latest release.


Swindles latest song ‘Lost ‘is one to play on repeat, with it’s jazz and RnB influence infused with the featuring artists lyrical flow this track is truly impressive and filled with talent.

This will be the first time  Swindle and Loyle Carner feature together on a track and this is a feature that Swindle is pleased by , when interviewed he mentions ‘it’s a great honour, with Jnr Williams’ voice really tying it all together“- LINE OF BEST FIT.

Although Loyle Carner and Kojey Radicals tone and flow are very much different, they both complement each other without, taking away from the music. This song is not only stands out musically with also a very distinct bassline, but the message behind this song highlights the message of integrity , when interviewed Swindle also let’s us know – “ This song for me is about integrity and features artists who I feel have great amounts of it”- LINE OF BEST FIT.


“LOST” is available to stream on, iTunes, YouTube and Spotify.