Bringing a fresh and exciting sound to the UK scene, South London’s Strandz drops his debut single ‘Criminal’. The track is a combination of late 90s New York Hip-hop bounce and thought-provoking lyricism which Strandz uses with the hopes of being a positive role model to the next generation. 

Strandz specifically highlights the issue of young black youths being labelled as “Criminals” by society from a young age and how it affects them and their future choices. He keeps it very real and delivers brutally honest examples of his own upbringing but always makes sure to contrast these with his current mentality towards life. 

The production of the song (brought by producer duo Lex1k) is extremely clean and groundbreaking, it is definitely not something the UK audience is used to hearing but it still feels familiar due to the sonic influence from other genres which can be picked up on throughout the song. 

The music video ties all of these elements together with an authentic and engaging visual representation of the theme of the song.

Overall, Strandz is definitely an upcoming rapper to look out for in 2022.

You can listen to the track in Spotify here and YouTube linked below.