Stööki Sound London Performance – Review

Last night we went to the gig of London duo, Stööki Sound at Kamio located in Shoreditch. The line-up for this UK tour was amazing featuring talents such as Kaido & Daniel Ness.

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The first set was played by Kaido who absolutely killed it and set the vibe for the night. Followed by Daniel Ness’s set which was more of techno and electronica mixing with House and R&B tracks. However, His set seemed inconsistent with random tracks for R&B and Hip Hop which didn’t follow with his set mix.


Towards the end of the night, Stööki Sound finally got on the stage. The Stööki Sound DUO are DJ Lukey and vocalist Jelacee keyed up the crowd as he wrapped with enthusiasm and energy.


This Tour displays the group’s unique blend of different music genres. The group’s vocalist Jelacee put on an amazing performance, whilst DJ Lukey showcased their unique blend of Grime, Trap, Electronica, and Hip-hop which got the crowd hyped up

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Stööki Sound will wrap up 2017 with a tour spanning North America, and will then continue to take the #STÖÖKIMOVEMENT to new heights well into 2017 and beyond.


On a side note, the venue was amazing. Kamio which is situated in Shoreditch is a venue I will be visiting again especially as they host a lot of UK based artist events.