Californian artists Still Woozy and Remi Wolf have joined forces to create ‘Pool’, everyones new favourite indie baby. ‘Pool’ fuses together the best elements of bedroom pop and laidback low-fi to create a somber sound with a lot of charm. 

The track was a natural combination between the pair, as Woozy states “Pool came together in an afternoon of hanging out with Remi and Jared. It was one of the quickest written songs I’ve ever been a part of”. Remi reflects these ideals as she says “Pool was such a beautifully natural collaboration – and is a great reflection of how life can just so seamlessly turn into art”. This track captures the real life magic of their relationship, which started back in 2018, and brought them to tour together in the following year.

Directed by Haley Appell, the music video for ‘Pool’ cuts between intimate ‘home movie’ style clips and huge cinematic scenes which are almost dreamlike. Appell transports you into the brains of Still Woozy and Remi Wolf, with the beautiful mountainous imagery, some circus rides and even a very cute dog too. 

Click here to listen to the track for yourself.