Stage Presence in Music


There is always that customary, “Ah they don’t make them like they used too…” comment from older generations talking about new music.   Particularly now, it seems. Is the digital age failing to deliver consummate performers?  Are cash strapped labels not spending on developing artists properly in terms of performance coaching, for example?

Watching JHus’ lack lustre 1xtra live session this Saturday raised the question again today in the Small Green Shoots office. Do independent artists overlook performance skills in favour of digital marketing when it comes to costing their campaigns?  Is live audience engagement “worth” the extra expenditure when promotional costs are already a stretch for independent artists or do they just think they can wing it by getting up on stage with a energy-drink induced “hype man” and strutting around with the mic a bit?  Perhaps they see “coaching” as unnecessary or uncool?

As an avid ticket buyer, I don’t think a great stage performance has to involve fireworks and acrobatics, but at least develop a modicum of charisma & stage presence, which includes interacting with the crowd and their band/DJ.

The whole point of watching a live show is to enable the audience to connect with their chosen artist, whether it’s watching a small live session, on telly or in an arena.  Artists like JHus are truly talented, so why risk falling flat with your fans because you skimped on the all important live performance skills?  There is no better way to truly resonate with your ticket- buying fans – so let’s not overlook it.