Southbank: Career in the Arts: Open Day for Young People

Today, we had chance to visit the Southbank, where they developed their event; “Careers in the Arts: Open Day for Young People.” The venue is one of the largest arts organisations in Europe and often has a slew of festivals, workshops and events throughout the year.

The day included:

Event Management Walk and Talk: The Event Management team lead a special backstage walk around the venue and included a Q&A.

– Special Tours: 30-minute tours where you can learn more about the site, venue history and peek inside Royal Festival Hall’s auditorium and other hidden spaces.

– Production Workshop: Joined Southbank Centre’s Production and Technical teams in this workshop focusing on the technical aspects of working on live performance.

– #ThrowbackThursday in the Archive Studio: Looking into Southbank Centre’s Archive Studio in their fun and practical workshop focused on their extensive collections.

– Venue Management Chat: Have a talk with Southbank’s Assistant Visitor Experience Duty Manager about what it’s like to manage a venue like Southbank Centre.

It was an amazing opportunity to talk to all the experienced staff at the Southbank who seemed passionate about their roles and were increasingly helpful with any questions asked. We walked away from the sessions positively and felt inspired to go out and research potential careers.


Many thanks to the staff who took the time out to talk to us:

– Hannah Pool, Senior Programmer of Contemporary Culture
– Bengi Unsal, Senior Programmer of Contemporary Music
– Cliff Lauson, Hayward Gallery Senior Curator
– Clare Wood, Archivist
– Alex Williams, Festival Participation Coordinator