– Isaiah
It seems like every month this year there has been something new going on in the world. We went from World War III to Covid-19 to Black Lives Matter, but how much have we actually learnt from everything that has happened? This blog will explore the role that ‘trends’ are playing in my generation and why we need to do better.
The era of social media is so hectic that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with what is going on. This year we have seen the biggest uprising of our time for racial inequality. The murder of George Floyd sparked a movement that will change the world as we know it. Countries around the world protested for weeks at the oppression of black people, the internet went crazy and it was all that we saw on our TV screens. But it wasn’t long until the next trend came and took everyone’s attention away.
We often lose momentum and this is detrimental to our progress. Trends are fun, they’re great to keep up with, but we have to stop letting them take over our lives and distract us from bigger matters in the world. It is sometimes ‘cool’ to share and talk on things but we have to talk on things because they’re important, not cool.