Small music venues in the UK are under threat!

ararIt’s estimated that over the past ten years, a huge 40 per cent of London’s music venues have closed. This includes Cockpit in Leeds which closed its doors in 2014, and the Sheffield Boardwalk. This could be due to the fact that people going are to big venues and disregarding other music venues. I’ve recently attended a small music venue and I have got to say, it was such a good experience. Unlike big venues, the action is right in your face, connecting the audience and bringing a ClOTXvgWkAAUV0trealer feel to the act. Quoted by Natalie Wade from Small Green Shoots ‘I’d rather watch big venues at home on tele because you’re so far away from the stage that you might aswell be at home’.

On the other hand quoted by my friend Adam, ‘Having a lot of people go to these big venues brings the energy to life and makes the experience ten times more thrilling’, so there are also advantages going to these huge events like a Drake Concert or a Culture Clash.

To summarise, its all a matter of opinion on whether you like the thrill of being in a big event or the connection you get from a small one. Either way, it looks like Small music venues are under threat and shall remain that way for the long hall.