On the 14th of November, the Artist&Manager awards took place in Bloomsbury Big Top in Bloomsbury Square. It was an amazing night and some of the biggest names in the music industry were in attendance.

It was a great opportunity for us to work at the events and also meet some stars that we have looked up too growing up alongside getting to see first hand what its like attending an award event is like. We got the chance to network with some inspiring people. We helped laying out the brochures on the tables and supporting with the front of house operations, particularly looking over the guest list.

Some big awards were up for grabs on the night with major UK acts Stormzy, Aitch and Nile Rodgers all winning awards alongside Andy Varley of Insanity Records winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The highlight of our night was Andy Varley giving us & previous shoot Savanna a big shout out for the amazing work we have done, especially over the last year, in his award acceptance speech (for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award). A massive well done to everyone involved with the awards this year and thank you to the MMF for having us again, we can’t wait for next years awards. 

Another big thank you/shoutout to the Music Managers Forum and AM Awards for giving our young shoots the chance to grow!