Skepta – Taking Grime to the next level

“My album came out in May, I was on a flight to Toronto the next day to play a show and they knew all the words to the song…you think when I was a kid I ever thought that would happen?”

skeptaSkepta has bought Grime Music back from the verge of death. This is not a myth, but a fact. It kicked off with the signing of Drake to BBK – a deal Drake sealed by getting the BBK logo tattooed on his shoulder. Skepta then took his career to the next level with the release of his fourth studio album Konnichiwa (6 May 2016) – generating the biggest buzz for Grime music the industry has ever seen since Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy in the corner’ (2003).¬†Konnichiwa was such a success that it bagged the Mercury Award in September. It crowned a glorious year for the scene that he helped bring back.

Since Skepta has opened the doors, many other grime artists have flooded the scene, from the likes of Section Boyz, Nadia Rose and most recently Abra Cadabra, also from Tottenham, who won the Mobo Award for the best song 2016 in his debut year.

Skepta has showed us the power of raw determination as after so many years, he is still appealing to the new generation without having to switch up his style. Truly a legend.