Grime icon Skepta’s makes his return with his latest single “Nirvana ft J. Balvin” from his latest EP “All in”. This single has done exceptionally well since its release, with over 3 million views on YouTube in 3 weeks and 4 million streams on Spotify.

Nirvana’s music video which has received an amazing response for his fan base was directed by KVLVDR who has directed videos for Headie One, Fredo & Wizkid,- “The video, which stars Skepta and Balvin, nods towards Narcos, The Godfather and Get Out in its dark, stylized elegance”- PressParty.

This song has a calm and laid-back feel, with subtle hip hop and trap sounds embedded in the beat. The improvisations and riffs from the Spanish guitar makes the music more versatile without taking away from the simple melody sung by Skepta. The success of this single has been so far outstanding , who knows what Skepta has in store for us next?

“Nirvana” ft Balvin is out now! Available on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes