Sisters In Sound is a new initiative created by Small Green Shoots and supported by Dr Martens and Mahalia to give under-represented young women an opportunity to represent the music industry. The music industry is extremely male dominated and definitely not as culturally inclusive as it should be, so with Sisters In Sound, our aim was to deliver skills focused on or around music to women from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the workshops were centred around DJing, Music production, Event Management and Videography.

By giving them the skills needed to make a career in music we made a small but important step in diversifying the culture in the music industry. I found setting up and planning the initiative and live event hard and stressful at times but also extremely rewarding and educating, as I had to learn a lot of skills along the way of setting up the event. I think the most valuable skills I learnt was how to be adaptable, organised and efficient. This experience taught me adaptability as we had to adapt and change our plans multiple times due to variables outside our control. While we had plans that changed we also had plans that didn’t, I had to learn how to balance and organise the most urgent tasks that would have the biggest and most instant impact on the project if we didn’t complete those specific tasks on time, while also not forgetting to complete the tasks that were less urgent as the quicker a task was completed the easier it was to adapt if the plan needed to change. Being efficient was another skill I learnt as our work environment is very fast paced with short and alternating deadlines. I had to learn how to complete things
quickly to a high standard.

Once we had all the plans finalised It was amazing to see the initiative and live event in motion. We were fortunate to have outstanding facilitators for the workshop. We had Melle Brown for music production, for DJing, and our very own Constance and Lina for event management. Seeing the young women get involved and enjoy learning the skills being shown was great, hearing Mahalia’s insightful advice she gave to the young women during the Q&A session was one of many highlights of the evening, With watching all the young women happily participate in the live event showcasing the skills they learnt from their respective workshops to a supportive and engaging audience being another big highlight from the night. Overall I had an incredible and memorable experience with Sisters In Sound and I would love for the initiative to continue in the future.