Sinead Harnett Performance Review


Yesterday Venue HEAVEN had the opportunity to see dedicated fans of London based vocalist Sinead Harnett just a few months after her 8-Track mixtape Chapter One. The line up times made everyone wait around for the special guest without any type of music for one hour before their female DJ came onto the stage and the bright lights formed the name ‘Taliwhoah’ behind her.

The artist came onto the stage to a performance of short old-school R&B mix before she introduced herself to the crowd exclaiming this was the biggest show she had performed, heading into her original song, ‘Details.’ The singer dipped in between performing her songs & talking with the crowd revealing she originally came from North London, before spending her childhood in Washington, America, ending her performance with her latest track ‘Meds’.

Taliwhoah was a good performer, though not the best vocalist, which became more apparent after Sinead performed and attention was often swayed to the production of the song and DJ.



Sinead came to the stage alongside her live band and amazing cheer from the crowd. Heading straight into the performance with a number of her older tracks such as ‘She Ain’t Me’ and ‘If You Let Me’ before getting into her latest mixtape which still carried the traces of R&B apparent in previous songs with a more soulful powerhouse feel then back to the older ones with some house vibes such as her song with Snakehips ‘No Other Way’ & a track she collaborated with Disclosure.

Sinead was a mesmerising performer with amazing vocals, despite the mic being low at some moments as she sang with the crowd who seemed to know every lyric. She appeared genuine and incredibly endearing as she thanked everyone for sharing the moment with her and one of her biggest crowds. Her performance was professional and a good flow, I look forward to watching her career and music.