Wow where do I start, everything I’ve ever done started at Small Green Shoots. Let’s start with my new internship at Sky, yeah thats right, i’m name dropping. Natalie, due to her amazing networking skills or The Gift Of The Gab as I call it, put me in touch with this youth company called Mama Youth Project who work with Sky on a TV Show called Unmuted (@10pm Wednesday, Sky Arts, had to plug the ting real quick). Something Ive always dreamt about ever since I was a little boy! Though there’s work to do let not get it twisted (Gosh I sound like Nat’s already).
My role is Trainee Researcher, which includes writing and pitching ideas to the producer of the show, coming up with ideas of what the show can be about for this season eg working with the hosts, the director, other writers and to top it all off, seeing your ideas come to life. For the majority the show is run completely by the young interns, we are part of the core creative team. Being on set, in the writers room, in the edit too, all working towards a show for a Sky. At the end of the internship they also offer placements at Sky, BBC and other production companies, a way to get young people into the industry.
Not only that, but I freelance as well as a filmmaker/writer, recently I got my first directing project filming for Scotch and Soda for their new Autumn Fall Collection. As well as that, I’ve been a runner, production assistant, assistant director, assistant camera operator for films, adverts and huge brands such as Sky Arts, Formula 1, Studio Ghibli, Branston Pickles, UK Home Office, NHS and many more!
So big ups SGS every time, they changed my life! (For the better ofc!)
Yovan, 22