Shai Brides are a 5-member strong band hailing from Birmingham.

The group released their debut single ‘Joie de Vivre’ in September of last year and are steadily making waves.


Their latest track Honeydew opens with sunny synth-pop vibes which are quickly juxtaposed by the lyrical content, exploring the balance of progressing and reflecting in matters of love. How do you decide what is true in the dynamics of the relationship when there are feelings in every direction? How do you know if it’s right to let go?

With its unrelenting bassline and warm lead guitar, this track exemplifies universal doubts experienced by many of us. A personal highlight is the airy homophonic vocals that follow the second verse. They are both present and ‘translucent’ at the same time, emerging from relative concealment underneath the instrumental and gaining strength as the chorus approaches. With each song, Shai Brides are carving out their own lane and I look forward to hearing all that is yet to come from this rising group.

Don’t miss this new release – Out on 31st July on all streaming platforms!


What was the inspiration for the change in direction for this single?

THOM: We don’t necessarily see this as a change in direction to be honest. We’re a young band and our sound does have a lot of different elements to it – ‘Honeydew’ is us trying to show our music from a different perspective. Our first couple of singles were just written by me, whereas this is the first time we’ve had a properly collaborative approach to our music. I think that’s what shows more than anything, not so much a change in direction as it is altering the angle of perspective.

Any reason/message behind the single visual?

The song is all about conflicting emotions and moods – our idea throughout was to make a song that was both warm and cold, summery and autumnal. A lot of the lyrics in the songs come in contrasting pairs, almost every thought that’s in there is contradicted by the next line. We found these ideas in still life paintings, the idea of something growing like a flower being frozen in an unnatural state. The song is quite an unromantic way of visualising love, so we wanted an unnatural way of visualising nature.

What they’re looking forward to ahead of tour?

We’ve got a couple of plans for touring next year, starting with a few headline shows across the UK in January. We can’t wait to get back out there – it’ll only be the second time we’ve ever toured and especially coming off the back of such a long time away from the live show, it’s going to be electric. We have some roots in every city we’re visiting too, so every show’s going to feel like a home crowd. I’ve actually already planned our setlist.