Sexual Harassment in Music

Sexual Assault within the Music Industry

With the recent cases of sexual assault & harassment within the Hollywood film industry, more and more women have found the confidence within each other to release their experiences & this has recently come to light within the music industry; a profession which is deemed to be male-dominated.

Women within the music industry consider it as something to be expected and are required to simply ignore it, allowing them to feel ashamed if they were to report it.


Some women within the music industry fear that if they report the harassment at work, this may jeopardise their roles and their job itself. Lajoie, a former executive at Sony/ATV Music Publishing has collected a few stories from female colleagues within the industry. One said, “Sexual assault and abuse within the music industry is endemic. I don’t have a single peer in the music industry who’s never been sexually harassed or assaulted.”


These cases have made me feel like sexual harassment is apparent in most, if not all industry careers though Film & Music industries, where there is a more evident power dynamic within their hierarchy it is more blatant, just not as talked about, until now.