Selfish Love Track Review

Following the latest single release ‘Midnight’ from the singer, Jessie Ware has released ‘Selfish Love’ from her upcoming studio album later this year.

‘Selfish Love’ has a haunting air surrounding it as the melodic guitar strumming reaches its crescendo to the beat of a spaghetti western bar in Europe. Ware’s soulful vocals tell of a relationship of ‘selfish love’ as Jessie sings of, ‘Baby now it feels like we’re dancing
Touching bullets, now ain’t that romantic?’

The song is sublime, showcasing Jessie’s amazing vocals at the forefront exploring the fragility of her relationship, displaying her unique sound & a different side of what producers Benny Blanco & Cashmere Cat can create.

Selfish Love is a perfect soundtrack to the end of this summer & you should definitely check out her dreamy video for the track with amazing visuals.