SBTV from London to the WORLD.


MBE Award.

In time for a meeting of Global leaders that will be meeting in New York to draw up its “Global Goals” – firstly eradicating all forms of poverty and inequality over the next 15 years – SBTV founder “Jamal Edwards” is calling all world leaders to “take urgent action” according to his interview in the Evening Standard today


Music entrepreneur, Edwards, 25 has helped to expand the careers of major British artists from Tinchy Stryder to Ed Sheeran. The £8million new worth YouTube mogul traveled across the world to Africa’s largest urban slum

Jamal visited the Kenyan capital of Nairobi (Kibera) with Save The Children for “Action/2015”. In the interview, he shares how the trip opened his eyes to the immense need in the largest slum in Africa. Home to over 1 million people, it has only two water pipes causing a lack of clean water which is compounded by a severe lack of healthcare and education.

As an aftermath of this trip featured on project, Jamal Edwards MBE has decided to meet with musicians, campaigners, and activists to encourage a positive change and outcomes for people from this area.

I’m hoping that Jamal Edwards takes his film-making company (SBTV) to developing countries, with the aim of discovering some hidden talent and providing a platform on which the world could see and invest in the development of new international music and talent. 

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