Sam Peeps Theatre Production Review


Last Sunday we headed over to Stratford Circus to watch the theatre production “Sam Peeps” which was based on a modern day take of Samuel Pepys diary.





The show kicked off with showcasing 3 incredibly talented artists. Their performances were an amazing start for the show as the two singers and a spoken artist were able to display their talents live for a crowd.

The production incorporated the 16th century based material of Samuel Pepys diary into a portrayal of social media addiction in the modern day very well; with references to the Great Fire of London being switched to ‘The Great Fire of Social Media’ was an amazing way to express just how much Social Media has, and still is, inflaming!

Overall, this was a great project, with a great turn out. We hope to see a lot more from Focus for Life in the near future.

  @ Arts Council England      @ Stratdord Circus      @ Focus for Life