This week’s blog covers Night Tube, a buzzing new single from up and coming rappers Saiming and Zuko Rosemeid. This track released in Late April 2022. Night Tube was made at Zuko’s house on a late night in February and is the result of a collaborative project that he started called Zuko’s Community Centre. The project is a YouTube series that uplifts emerging underground talent in London, aiming to focus on his love for music and create songs within a single session.

Saiming is no stranger to collaboration. He’s part of the collective DA COMMUNITY which houses a plethora of talented vocalists, rappers and versatile musicians. Overall, my favourite element of the song is the cypher style rapping – they pass the baton back and forth every few bars – combined with the upbeat, suave and dynamic melody. Night tube is also accompanied by an engaging music video.

Listen to the single here:

Watch the video here: