Roundhouse – Spoken Word

img_4126Last Saturday (8th Oct) I arrived at the Roundhouse for my first live performance poetry experience!The performers “Lyrix Organix” are a collective of performance poets and here they were working with Roundhouse developing artists and the London String Collective.

For me it was a slow start, however it shortly picked up the pace. I was very impressed by how the acts would engage the img_4133audience and bring their poetry to life.

The acts were very unique and different from anything I had seen before and each act was different. There was poetry, singing, electronic and a rap performance at the end. I wasespecially impressed with the singer “Ayelle”  as she was very confident and had an amazing voice. She got a well-deserved Encore as she really bought the whole audience along with her.

As for performance poetry, its definitely something I would spend my money seeing again.