North West London Rappers Rish x Princeonpluto released their newest single FASHO! featuring OG KEMi on 11 March 2022. I chose this song for the week because it provides easy and satisfying listening despite the expletives, with a futuristic sense that portrays the modern digital bedroom music scene. 

This glitchy laid back hip hop track is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Princeonpluto and Rish’s sound. Prior to this, they released their first EP titled Real Is Rare on New Years Eve. The release served as a  prefect precedent for 2022, stepping out of the comfort zone creatively and expanding their discography to newer, diverse sounds. 

I consider their flows, in particular, to be extremely versatile given the ever changing contemporary trends while still maintaining their own unique rapport on each track. While its unclear what the future holds from them, the potential is endless and definitely exciting. 

Listen to the track here:

Michelle Nnadi