Last week, the clubbers yellow pages “Resident Advisor” (RA) announced it was closing its comments section for good.

The comments section has been a part of this well-loved site since the 00’s, but the reasons they are giving for closing it are all too recent, familiar and for us, pretty depressing. Resident Advisor cite;

“……a tone of disrespect prevails, occasionally boiling over into full-blown intolerance—sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, you name it. To highlight just one part of the issue: by now, any content involving women is likely to receive sexist comments…..”

These comments are clearly not reserved just for sites like Resident Advisor, they can be found on platforms from national newspapers to personal blogs. As RA points out, the growth of other networking platforms provides a “broadly accepted way to communicate” often leaving “comments” sections on some sites as something for a minority….

What is most depressing is that these comments appear here. You kind of expect it on the Daily Mail or the even “Good Morning Britain” – thank you Piers, but on a platform loved and cherished by well over a million electronic music lovers. Who are in the main, forward-thinking, open minded, loving house music people. People who not only accept diversity, but welcome it into our cultural lives for turning us on to new music. People who rave side by side with people from every race, denomination or sex, because it is about the music. People for whom music is the message for something better, something that unifies us all.   And now this small minority, who should be invisible in our scene, have forced the hand of one of the largest online music communities in the world.

I’m sorry Resident Advisor had to make this decision, but I’m more sorry that I will have to second guess who I am raving next too this weekend.