Race & Inequality

– Jonathan

In my experience, more than ever, I have heard, read or been a part of conversations on the topic of race and equality. Movements like Black Lives Matter and those similar have brought issues that were often left unspoken to the forefront and awareness has been raised. Growing up in London, you can not help but notice the influence different races have played towards the development of the community as well as my own personal makeup. From shops to food, to slang, race and culture directly affect it all. Despite so many nationalities living in one concentrated location, is it safe to say discrimination in the UK is done with?


In society, there are still some examples of subtle, and even some not so subtle inequalities and prejudices displayed to specific races daily. “Microaggressions” is the word to define subtle prejudices found in society currently. An example of this could be repeating an uneducated stereotype, or too readily dismissing someone’s viewpoint – actions that may seem unworthy of comment, but can nevertheless marginalise individuals. It is often said that people performing these microaggressions may be completely unaware that they hold a prejudiced view. This is one reason why movements raising awareness of issues going on in the UK is something advantageous.


We hope that as awareness is continually being raised, the results that come from it is a positive one. I am optimistic.