Potter Payper is a British rapper and songwriter from Barking, London. He was released from prison in June 2020, after being sentenced to five years on drug charges in 2018. Fresh out of prison Potter Payper headed straight to the studio to start matching beats to the rhymes he had written during his time behind bars and claims to have finished and recorded six new songs on the day of his release. Potter emerged into the music scene with ‘Training Day 3’, a mixtape that peaked at No.3 in the UK Albums Chart, then the track ‘Gangsteritus’ was released in his follow-up tape, ‘Thanks For Waiting’. He is known best for his deep-felt storytelling abilities and for laying his experiences down on a verse and in the track “Gangsteritus” you can hear Potter’s talent, lyricism, poetry and passion. At the end of season 2 in Top Boy, the track can also be heard.

Check out the track for yourself here.