poetryindanceI went to PoetryinDance (2/11/16) at Southbank Centre and if it wasn’t for the chilling wind that gushed from the sea, this would have been an exciting night out. The Queue was horribly long, and we was let into the building late as there were some set-up delays. Once we got in however, it all made sense. It felt like walking into a palace, like I was a part of royalty. Our jackets were offered to be taken by what appeared to be “servants”. Excited for what was to come, I mentally prepared myself to listen to the music that was to come. I was disappointed. The first performance did not engage the audience at all. There was no energy to it. I was ready to leave…until…Sanjiya graced the stage. She described what her performance was going to be about and cracked a few jokes…they were funny. The audience, laughing their heads off, were now coming to life.

She performed a dance that was once performed in-front of Kings in india and I have got to say, it was amazing. The choreography was spot on and the timing was excellent. If it was not for her, the night would of been a big disappointment. Her act lasted 45minutes in which she did 3 acts, and I enjoyed every minute of it.