Poetics Of Grime

Last night the office went to to the Institute of Contemporary Arts to watch the Poetics of Grime, a panel discussion and set of performances that considers the link between poetry and the music genre grime.

We went there with pretty low expectations, thinking that it was going to be a boring panel talk with very little audience participation. On the contrary, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was pretty immersive. the event started out with each guest speaker introducing themselves performing a piece that they had written. Kayo Chingonyi was hosting the event and before introducing the other guests he performed one of his pieces.

The first to perform was Debris Stevenson, she told us the story behind her getting into spoken word and blew us away with her outstanding performance that discussed some serious social issues. She also briefly discussed her company Mouthy Poets where spoken word artists and poets write and perform their own poetry.

Next was Charlie Darkwho incorporated the style of Grime into his poetry, giving us a fast and smooth  delivery of his poems. Like Debris Stevenson, his poems were fuelled by his personal experiences from his childhood.

Finally, Eklipse performed his upbeat Grime music which incorporated his poetry.

We really enjoyed all of the performers and had a great time listening to their personal stories and experiences in the industry that they work in.